About us

Company Enso is specialized for industrial automation.

We deliver high quality and comprehensive technical solutions focused on the needs of the customer.


Automation – machines, production lines and devices

Design, programming and commissioning of automated lines in the industry.
Measuring and control with the use of PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) or computer.

Design machines and equipment – design, manufacture, commissioning

• Prototype devices according to customer requirements
• Device for testing and quality control of products
• Conveyor belts and conveyors
• Electrical and pneumatic manipulators
• Special machines

Visualization – of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)

Applications for visualization and data processing.
Measurement, control and monitoring of process parameters, data collection, preparation of reports.


Consulting and pilot projects in development of machines or automated production line.
Design of mechanical elements
Electrical schematics of machinery and equipment.


Elektrokontakt , Emerson, Epcos Croatia, KEKO Varicon, SAR Electronic, SELK

Experience and references

Along good relationship and cooperation with domestic manufacturers, we have accomplish cooperation with foreign partners in more automation projects for the automotive industry.
• AUDI Neckarsulm, Ingolstadt
• BMW München, Leipzig, Dingolfing
• DAIMLER Stuttgart, Bremen
• MAGNA Graz
• EKB Braunau; DEUTZ Koln; TKSE Hohenstein
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Conduct business activities at home and abroad with highly educated team, economically, socially acceptable and environmentally sustainable.
• Increase productivity and efficiency
• Speeding up the production process and saving time
• Reducing waste and losses
• Concern about energy savings and energy