SIPA - Line for automatic blowing drying and cooling

The line is intended for blowing, drying and cooling of electronic components placed in special baskets after washing in washing machines.
It consists of three parts connected into a unit that is made of a blower, dryer and outlet section for cooling. There is a conveyor belt through these three parts which task is to transport baskets of the blower through a dryer and a part designed for cooling until the output table lines. Blower’s task is, from actuators that come in baskets from washing machines, to blow out, or remove water. Blower is constructed of aluminium profiles, cover of aluminium sheets, doors, and makes the closed unit.
Inside the blower is pneumatic cylinder that moves the trolley with injectors from left to right side. Cylinder, carts and the injector are placed above the conveyor belt line. Removal of water is carried out, so that the baskets are placed in a blower to the conveying line at the designated places (between INOX rails), and the door is closed. Closing the door automatically launches the process of blowing compressed air. Pneumatic cylinder moves the injector above the basket with actuators, and compressed air passes through the injector and takes water from the actuator. There is a container below the conveyor belt for collecting and draining blown water from actuators. Dryer is the second part of the line. Its task is to heat waterless actuators to the defined temperature curve. It is designed as a tunnel oven. Above belt are heaters and temperature probes.
Controlling is derived with thermo-regulators. The isolation of dryer’s sides are made of ceramic fibre isolation boards, which also serve as carrier for heaters and temperature probes. Additionally, a ceramic wool is mounted sideways. Ceramic wool for insulation is set below the belt and at the upper side of the dryer. The cover of dryer and insulation is made of stainless steel. An output part for cooling consists of two fans placed below belt. They cool baskets with air actuators that are coming out of the dryer.
Above this area is additionally placed a suction hood, so the air could go out of manufacturing plant. Below the fans, there is a tray for setting air filters. On end of the cooling part, an output table is placed, from which baskets with actuators are removed.


SIPA & NASU - Line for automatic blowing drying and cooling

Machine is designed for positioning, drying, cooling and collecting of electronic components. It consists of four parts connected into a unit, positioning, drying, cooling and part for collecting with a vibrator.
Input unit, positioning, consists of a funnel for receiving the pieces of separator balls, and vibrating the container with a pneumatic vibrator. The second part is a vibrating container for positioning with linear vibrator. The pieces are added to the funnel on a vibrating container, which positions pieces on a teflon conveyor belt of transporter.
Dryer is the second part of the line whose purpose is drying the pieces by default temperature curve. Dryer is designed as a tunnel oven. Conveyor belt transports the pieces through a tunnel coated with insulation. The conveyor belt is made of antistatic teflon material stretched between the drive roller and stretched roller. Above conveyor belts are heaters and temperature probes. The heaters heat space in the tunnel, they are controlled with thermo-regulators, according to data from the temperature probes.
Isolation of the dryer sides is made of ceramic fibre sheets which also serve as a support for the heaters and temperature probes. In addition, to the sides ceramic wool is placed, too. Ceramic wool for insulation is placed below the conveyor belt, and at the upper side of the dryer. The cover of dryer and of insulation is made of stainless steel sheet AISI 304. The interior of the tunnel on its sides is coated with Teflon foil to provide security against of contamination by dust. The part for cooling is behind the dryer, and it is an integral part of the conveyor.