SIVI - Machine for positioning electronic components

The purpose of the machine is the positioning of electronic components. The structure is made of aluminium profiles, and the holes are filled with sheet stainless steel and plexiglas. The hole in the front is not filled, and it is used for filling and emptying the machine. The security of employees at the hole is resolved with the light curtain, as shown in the pictures.

It consists of a roller for acceptance of pieces, rotary table, frame and pocket as parts of a system for receiving plates. The operator through the hole in the front of the machine inserts plates on a rotating table. Pressing the “Start” button starts the duty cycle. The positioning number of the pieces from the pocket is exactly defined, pre-defined by the operator. Then, the frame descends, and then with a combination of rotation and vibration of the table, the working pieces are filling the slots in the trays.

The process ends so that the excess of pieces returns back into to pocket, and the frame raises, so that operator can change the trays on the machine.

Video of working machine is avalaible on our youtube channel : SIVI

Machine for positioning electronic components