DOZA-L – Machine for packaging lavander bags and dosing bulk materials

DOZA-L - Machine for packaging lavander bags and dosing bulk materials

Enso d.o.o designs and creates machines for dosing bulk materials.
Purpose: Dosage weighing and packaging of various types of herbs such as lavender, flax, camomile and similar plants.

Characteristics of the machine:

  • Adjustable value of necessary weight packaging
  • Repeatability of necessary weight packaging

It consists of several sections, each of which has its own application.

  1. Controling is done through PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
  2. Consists of a funnel in which the operator puts and material falls into system for transportation and distribution.
  3. The material is evenly distributed over the transport tray using an electric vibrator. Transportation is carried out through two different speeds that are adjustable.
  4. Material from the transport system comes to output tray until the scale for dosage does not register the desired mass of material. Next, the pneumatic cylinder fills the material in the output funnel.
  5. Filling of packaging is avalaible in two versions. The first is through screw conveyor. This version is used when compressible material is needed (eg. Lavender charging). Another version is using a cylindrical funnel, in this version it is not necessary to squeeze the material, the material falls in appropriate containers (eg. Linseed)

More detailed informations about this machine is avalaible here.
Videos of working packaging machines are avalaible on link.