PREMKO – PS01, PS02 – Rewinding machine

PREMKO PS01, PS02 - Rewinding machine

PREMKO – PS01 is machine for rewinding with positioning possibility.
1. Control – Machine control is done with PLC, adequate application software and additional module that manage all controlling, regulation and executive parts of the machine. HMI panel and buttons allows machine control. Actuators are two servo drives.

2. Drive for tested collet – On the left side of the machine there is a collet with parts that needs to be tested.

3. Drive for auxiliary collet – On the right side of the machine there is a auxiliary collet on which the rail from the left collet is wind up.

4. Parts counter – When the rail with parts is winding from the left to the right collet they pass trought counter that counts the current part in the rail. The counter is visualized on the HMI panel. At any time the operator knows which part is on testing spot.

5. Testing spot – Wanted part is on the testing spot that is marked with arrow.


The other machines can be seen on our youtube channel.