Krivulja – PS01 – Optical control machine

Krivulja - PS01 - Optical control machine

KRIVULJA is a machine for the optical examination of the correctness of the curve.
Actuators: circular vibro feeder, linear vibro feeder, pneumatic cylinders, electric turntable, cameras, lighting.

1. Control – The machine is controlled by a PLC. Appropriate software and additional modules are controlling the actuators. Communication between the operator and the machine was performed using HMI panels and pushbuttons. There is a PC with software for optical inspection.

2. Input – The machine has a tank for untested parts. The vibrating feeder orients and supplies the parts to the turntable.

3. Optical control system – The parts are positioned in place for optical inspection. The optical system decides the correctness of the part.

4. Output – Correct parts go to the box for correct parts for further processing while defective parts are separated into a separate box.

The work of other machines can be seen on our youtube channel.