UMO – Device for the dynamic measurement of force

UMO – machine for dynamic measuring of spring forces. Produced for testing the tensile / pressure spring characteristics and detection of changes in the characteristics or rupture in the material fatigue test.

By converting rotary into linear motion, device extends and squeezes spring and shows collected information about force F(N) in specific points of every cycle during time t(s) and spring stroke S(mm).

Types of tests:
1. Spring constant test
2. Material fatigue test
3. Spring characteristic test

If the tensile, compression, flexion or torsional spring loaded with force F, force vertex makes path S, called stroke.
The application collects data about the amount of force F(N) in particular points of the spring stroke S (mm).
Real and default constant are compared.

2. Material fatigue test
Material fatigue is gradual damage of material due to long-term periodic variable load (strain). Over time (cycle) trials, the application collects data about the amount of force F (N). It shows the impact of the material fatigue over time and breaking moment caused by dynamic stress.

SCADA application on PC:
Task of SCADA application is data collection, analysing, and display of those data to make the characteristic of tested spring visible as simply as possible.

Through SCADA application, it is possible to modify parameters such as:
• Variable speed of the stepper motor (according to test needs)
• Setting the limits according to readings of measured values
• Setting alarming limits when changing the characteristics or in case of spring breakage

The application, beside the measurement graph, displays:
• Cycle counter
• Current motor speed
• Alarms in case of characteristic changings or spring breakage

Video of working machine is avalaible on our youtube channel : UMO

UMO – Device for the dynamic measurement of force