BRIZ – PS01 – Electronic component packaging machine

BRIZ - PS01 - Electronic component packaging machine

BRIZ – PS01 is machine for counting, extraction and packing of electronic components. Final product are components arranged in appropriate packaging.

1. Control – Machine control is done with PLC, adequate application software and additional module that manage all controlling, regulation and executive parts of the machine. HMI panel and buttons under the panel allows machine control.

2. Input magazines for boxes and lids – It contains two containers for boxes and lids.

3. Input – It contains a board where parts in cardboard come.

4. Counting and extraction system – cardboards with components come with electrical axis on counting. Laser sensor is in charge for counting. After counting, cardboard comes in position for extraction. Components are stocked in the box after exstraction.

5. Box transport and packing system – After reaching setpoint, the box tansports to the position for putting the lid. Closed box comes on the table in front of the machine.


The other machines can be seen on our youtube channel .