Visualization, signalling and monitoring the boiler room (DARUVARSKA PIVOVARA, Daruvar)

The system is derived with RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) modules for the collection of analogue and digital signals, which via Ethernet communicate with SCADA application for visualization and monitoring operation parameter values of boilers. Water vapour pressure of each boiler (pressure transducer for high temperature) is measured, water level in preparation of water vapour, activity of feed pumps, proper operation of boilers ..

The system of measuring time washing in ultrasonic baths, data processing and visualization (SELK, Kutina)

Measuring of washing cycle time due to special conditions is derived indirectly by measuring the mass of an ultrasonic bath. RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) modules collect signals from the probes, and via RS-485 and Modbus protocol communicate with SCADA application. SCADA performs visualization, processing and storage of the collected data, alarm signalling errors and unauthorized state.

Infrastructure monitoring, recording and processing of data, alarms, “Mail to SMS” (Selk, Kutina)

Control of infrastructure size, error messages, records alarm…
Using an existing Ethernet infrastructure Modbus TCP-IP.
Control of boiler, wastewater treatment, air conditioners, compressor stations, demineralization plant, plant for the preparation of cold and hot water.

Monitoring and control of the analog / stepped couplings (EKZ, Zagreb)

Monitoring and control is performed by PLC series S7-1214 and application DaqFactory. By using the control switches the necessary data is sent to PLC, which receives data and drives the measurement program until other recipes is defined.
Application for the supervision us also shows that the test switch is correct or incorrect, and if defective in which part of the switch is a failure.